Year 4 Author Week
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4th February 2015

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This week we celebrated author week, and everyone has been learning about different authors through fun reading activities.

The author Year 4 have been learning about this week is Dick King Smith. We have been reading different books by our author, and learning about his life.

Using I-pads, the Year 4 children worked together to research our author. We’ve used the information to create colourful fact files that tell us more about our author’s life and books.

To help us celebrate, we all made badges to wear around school. We created our badges using pictures from books covers and felt tip pens. When we had finished designing our badge, we cut it out and covered it in tape. Finally, we attached a safety pin to the back of our badge.

We have also created our own drama pieces, taking on the role of farm animals, as many of Dick King-Smith’s books are based around animals and their lives.

We’ve really enjoyed learning about our author in Year 4 and are excited to read some more of his books!