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Year 3 Trip to Jodrell Bank
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11th March 2016

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Year 3’s school trip to Jodrell Bank

This week Year 3 have been visiting Jodrell Bank to learn more about space and the famous Lovell Telescope. Everyone was very excited as we boarded the minibuses and were anticipating what the day had in store for each of us. The day was split into 3 sections. First each class had a Solar System session which involved 4 different scientific experiments. Each one focussed on a different area of area of the Solar Systems including: identifying real meteorites, comparing how gravity changes on different planets, creating and measuring craters and testing how the brightness of the sun changes. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this session asking fantastic questions to deepen their understanding. The next activity involved a session with an Astrophysicist in the inflatable planetarium. We all sat inside a huge dome and looked at the stars in the night sky, identifying different constellations and how they move during the night. Finally we had time to have a quick question and answer session about the famous radio telescope which is the third biggest in the world.


Everyone enjoyed their day out and all the talk on the minibus home was enthusiastic chat about what they had learn.