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The daily mile initiative was launched last Wednesday the 8th March at Stanley Grove Academy. This involves all children from reception to year 6 going on to the pitch daily and attempting to improve their health and well being by walking, jogging or running around the Astro.
Children spend ten minutes on the pitch challenging themselves to travel further each day. This is not competitive and isn’t about winning or losing, but socialising with your teacher and friends , increasing fitness levels and improving concentration once returned to class.

Children stated:
“I found it hard the first day as I got out of breathe after two laps, but I didn’t give up I just walked until Miss blew her whistle. This week I’ve ran three.”

“I love walking with my teacher talking to her as we walk. I like doing it when it’s cold. I like the feel of the wind.”

A Teacher stated:
“I was a little unsure at the start, but seeing the children’s level of fitness shocked me and this is a key incentive to raise well being.”

” I’m challenging myself to wanting to be able to run 8 laps which is a mile by the end of the term. This week I achieved two. It’s so nice for teachers as well as children to have a break from learning and feel reenergised.”

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