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  • E-Safety in Y6

    11th March 2016
            Year 6 - E-Safety    In year 6, children have been understanding the advantage and disadvantage of using the internet. They have been collecting facts from the Internet and at the...More
  • Hamlet in Year 6

    9th September 2015
    In year 6, we have begun to explore the story of Hamlet. We were given some pictures, which gave us clues about the story and tried to predict what the story would be about. We then wrote our predictions in a 100 word story....More
  • Year 6 Writing

    9th June 2015
    After a visit to the Imperial War Museum the children wrote about the story of the heroic WW1 pigeon Cher Ami. The Story of Cher Ami Zahed The Story of Cher Ami Aicha The Story of Cher Ami...More