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  • Year 4 Stop Go Animation

    10th June 2016
    ​Year 4 children have worked really hard during summer term 1 in ICT. They all planned a storyboard and then portrayed their idea by making a stop go animation. Most of the children have mastered on how to make a really...More
  • E-Safety in Y4

    11th March 2016
                      Year 4- E-Safety   In year 4 children have been collecting facts from the Internet and understanding all about e-safety. They have been...More
  • Year 4 Outdoor Symmetrical Shapes

    2nd November 2015
            Outdoor Learning This week in Year 4 we have been doing some maths learning outside the classroom. We learnt about the rules of symmetry, classes then went outside to draw their own...More
  • Year 4 Author Week

    4th February 2015
            This week we celebrated author week, and everyone has been learning about different authors through fun reading activities. The author Year 4 have been learning about this week is Dick...More