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  • Australia in Year 1

    23rd March 2016
    This term Year 1 have been learning all about Australia. We began by reading some traditional Australian tales and then wrote some of our own. We have also recreated some aboriginal paintings in our art...More
  • E-Safety in Year 1

    11th March 2016
                      Year 1 - E-Safety   In year 1, children have been learning how to use the Internet safely and understanding the reason as to why they use the...More
  • Year 1 and Captain Dantastic

    2nd November 2015
          Year 1 have been learning about pirates through their topic and literacy work. Then we had a visit from a pirate called Captain Dantastic. He taught us all about the history of pirates. We...More
  • Year 1 trip to Knowsley Safari Park

    18th May 2015
    On Friday, 8th May, year 1 had a very exciting trip to Knowsley Safari Park. We started the trip with a drive around the park on the coach. We saw some amazing animals including cheeky baboons, graceful lions, athletic...More
  • Comparing and Contrasting Countries Around the World in Year 1

    16th January 2015
    In Geography we are comparing and contrasting Pakistan and Australia also exploring some of the different countries in the world we come from. Daren's mum came to share information about Iraq. She also made us...More