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  • Iman’s interpretation of the story Zahra.

    27th April 2015
    As the blinding, gleaming sun sparkled in the day-light, a young, selfless girl, named Zahra strolled by, her tribal marks were as colourful as a rainbow that has just exploded, carrying a ceramic pot filled with transparent...More
  • Deena’s interpretation of the story Zahra.

    27th April 2015
    The interfering sun shone onto the eye of a considerate girl named Zahra, as a crinkled, beige leaf fell to the dusty ground, from a lifeless tree. My eyes got caught on the vibrant tribal patterns on the girls dress and...More
  • Year 5 Myths and Legends

    29th January 2015
    In year 5 we have been learning about Myths and legends. We wrote our own myth and designed our own setting for the story. It was really fun bringing the story to life by making our characters and getting the characters to...More