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23rd November 2015


This week in Spanish Key Stage 2 have been using their knowledge of basic phrases in order to create a conversation between two people. The children firstly learnt how to ask three important questions in Spanish: what is your name? Where are you from and how old are you? In addition they learnt how to answer the questions.




Then the children wrote a conversation in Spanish beginning with the two people greeting each other then asking how they were feeling. Then they were able to use the three questions which they had learnt earlier in the lesson to extend the conversation:




·      ¿Como te llamas?


·      ¿De donde eres?


·      ¿Cuantos años tienes?




Lastly the children ended the conversation with some parting words like: see you later, see you tomorrow or goodbye.


While in key stage 1 the children have been learning about a range of different colours in Spanish. The children are able to say what their favourite colour is in Spanish. Also the children have been learning about how to count 10 in Spanish. This week I was particularly proud of 2 Beech because they worked very hard and managed to get through their work so quickly and efficiently that they managed to also start learning the Spanish numbers from 11 – 20.




Also 1 Oak worked exceptionally well and managed to firstly learn the numbers in Spanish from 1-10. Then they were able to learn the numbers song in just one lesson. They were so fantastic that I recoded a video of them performing the song in class.




Lastly this week there is now a brand new Spanish display board showing some brilliant work from year 6 and year 4 this week.

Display 2  Display 1