Save our Schools Campaign

You may be aware of the government’s plans to introduce a ‘national funding formula’ for all schools from

2018-19. This will change how all schools are funded.


Manchester schools will receive less £55,365,871 funding.


If the proposals go through unchallenged at this stage of consultation then the impact on schools in Manchester could include the following:

  • · A reduced number of teacher and increased class sizes
  • · It will be harder to recruit and retain the best teachers
  • · GCSE and A level courses could be cut leaving our students with fewer options
  • · Reductions in support staff will lead to less support for vulnerable children. Fewer staff means fewer booster and catch up groups for less able pupils
  • · Clubs, trips, music, sports and residential opportunities could be reduced or cancelled
  • · Training for teachers could be cut and time to plan lessons reduced
  • · There could be insufficient money to keep textbooks, computers and other classroom resources up to date
  • · Standards in schools across all subjects, including English and mathematics, are likely to fall

If these funding proposal are approved the above are not possible outcomes, but certain and unavoidable.

Our school will lose £590,465 by 2019

This is £994 per pupil

The same as 18 teachers

While the government states that school funding has been protected, it does not recognise the massive increase in costs such as National Insurance payments, increases in pension contributions, living wage, apprenticeship levy, annual pay awards and inflationary pressure on non-staff spending which the National Audit Office has projected as an additional 8.7% of costs to schools between this year and 2019-20. All of these are as a result of government policies which schools have no control over and which have not been factored into the schools’ budget.


So, what can we do?

  • · Heads, councillors and other professional representatives have already been to Westminster to meet with ministers and make their case for improved funding for our children.
  • · Contact your MP to let him/her know what impact this will have on your own child as they move through the education system, and on our school right now.
  • · Sign up to the petition at the link below
  • · Join Twitter / Facebook and engage with the many groups currently forming to challenge the NFF proposals.
  • Join our local campaign- details of up coming events via twitter and facebook

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