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Bright Futures Educational Trust
Alliance for Learning


Stanley Grove Primary Academy follow the Letters and Sounds phonics curriculum. Teaching in enhanced with lots of techniques and strategies that lead to effective learning.


A daily 15 minute ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonic lesson (focus is on the 7 aspects of phase 1 (some children extend to phase 2 when ready) – If children are struggling to make progress with phonological awareness, they will receive an additional daily 10 minute session. Phonic activities in continuous provision to reinforce the discreet daily lesson.

Additional phonological awareness opportunities included within topic planning eg. Little Red Riding Hood = /r/ table of objects, orally blending r-e-d = red, and orally segmenting red = r-e-d, modelling and children copying.



A daily 20 minute ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonic lesson – Phases 2 and 3 (children extended to phase 4 as appropriate) – an additional 20 minute daily lesson for any children not making expected progress – the relevant digraphs and trigraphs displayed on the working wall.

100% phonically decodable books reinforcing the new learning are sent home for practice with parents.



A daily ‘Letters and Sounds’ 20 minute discreet lesson – Phases 2 to 6 according to ability – an additional 20 minute daily lesson for any children not making expected progress or 1:1 working on ‘The Five-Minute Box’ if children significantly below.



For those children who still need support in phonics, interventions are provided and delivered by training support staff.