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PE Blog-Autumn 1
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12th October 2017






PE Blog

Lots of different PE activities have been taking place in the first few weeks of the school year, and all the children are very excited to be being active.

Daily Mile

We have restarted the Daily Mile at school and all the children have been trying their best to be active and healthy for at least 15 minutes per day. In addition to the children doing exercise parent have been invited to do their own Daily Mile every day from 8:45am. We have now had over 50 parents taking part!

Did you know being active everyday helps to…?

  • Support healthy bone and muscle development.
  • Improve focus and concentration in class.
  • Raises children attainment.

 Cross Country

Our first tournament this year was Cross Country which was held on Tuesday 19th September. We entered 15 children into the race and all the children performed amazingly. The race involved a 1500m run across a variety of terrain including paths, muddy fields and woodland.

All the children tried their best with the top boys coming 7th and 13th out of 120 and the top girl coming 10th out of 100. We are very proud of how the children performed both in the race and towards the other competitors, cheering and clapping as they came through the finish line.