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Challenge Partners: A Network of Excellence

Stanley Grove is proud to be part of Challenge Partner’s Network of Excellence, North West Hub.

Our latest report is available to download using the link below:

Stanley Grove QAR December 2017

Introduction​ ​to​ ​the​ ​Challenge​ ​Partners​ ​Network​ ​of​ ​Excellence

What​ ​is​ ​Challenge​ ​Partners?

Challenge Partners is a practitioner-led education charity that enables collaborative school improvement networks to enhance the life chances of all children, especially the most disadvantaged. Challenge Partners was formed to continue the learning which emerged from the development of Teaching Schools that evolved out of the London Challenge. Since its formation in 2011, the outcomes for pupils in Challenge Partners schools have consistently improved faster than the national average. Challenge Partners provides networks and programmes that facilitate sustainable collaboration and challenge between schools in order to underpin improvements in outcomes which would not be possible for a school, or group of schools, to achieve as effectively on its own. Programmes include both continual school improvement and high impact change programmes, the largest of which are the Network of Excellence and Challenge the Gap. Challenge Partners comprises 424 schools in 31 local partnerships across the country, reaching over 209,000 pupils (with 36% from low income households). We welcome all phases and stages: and are currently 59% primary, 26% secondary, and 15% special/AP; all governance types, half are academies representing 45 multi-academy trusts; and the majority are good and outstanding. School leaders in Challenge Partners continue to play a major role in the development of the English education system; one that they aspire to be world-class, collaborative and practitioner-led.

Challenge Partners seeks collaborative partnerships across education and beyond. Challenge Partners schools are able to access and contribute to work with a wide range of others organisations including: the Education Endowment Foundation, Institute of Education, Olevi International, London Leadership Strategy, Researchers in Schools, and The Brilliant Club. Challenge Partners is supported by the Social Business Trust, a charity that supports effective social enterprises to scale-up their impact, through their partner organisations: Bain & Company, British Gas, Clifford Chance, Credit Suisse, EY, Permira and Thomson Reuters.

What​ ​is​ ​the​ ​Network​ ​of​ ​Excellence?

The Network of Excellence is a national school improvement network, led by schools, which improves performance through effective challenge and support. It is made up of over 350 schools across the country and pivots around an annual peer-review. This is where school leaders review each other’s schools nationally. Each school also works with others in a local hub to share expertise and address challenges. Schools must be part of the local and national network to be members of the Network of Excellence.