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  • Pancake making in Nursery!

    14th February 2018
    Nursery enjoyed making pancakes in class yesterday to celebrate Pancake...More
  • Reception Bread Making Fun!

    14th February 2018
    We have enjoyed baking bread in Reception this week! The cat, rat and pig would not help the little red hen make bread but our kind Reception children did! They helped eat it...More
  • Football Tournament Success!

    8th February 2018
    Last night (Wednesday 7th February) we entered a football tournament at Deans Trust Ardwick with two teams; team A, a strong year 6 team and team B, a newly formed year 4 and 5 team. Both teams played exceptionally with...More
  • CBBC Author Fun at Cedar Mount!

    7th February 2018
    Today we went to CMA to visit CBBC. Presenter Katie Thistleton. She’s just written a book called ‘Dear Katie” a non fiction book to help young people with their problems. She was very inspiring and answers our...More
  • World Book Day 2018

    6th February 2018
    World book day 2018 is on 1st March 2018. We will be asking children and staff to dress up on 1st March as a character from their favourite book. Costumes are available from lots of local shops eg ASDA or from the...More