Bright Futures Educational Trust is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for the children, young people, families and communities that we serve. Our schools work collaboratively across the Trust and with other partner schools and agencies to get the best for everyone.
Bright Futures Educational Trust
Alliance for Learning
  • Walk to School Week 2019!

    21st May 2019
    Wow! We are very impressed with all the children who rode their bikes, skateboards and scooters to school as well as everyone who left their car home and walked to school at the start of this week! Keep it up and Well...More
  • Community Partnerships

    2nd May 2019
    5 Khan enjoyed going to Dean Trust Ardwick this week for their PE session. Their behaviour was fantastic and the loved using the high school facilities. Thank you to all our friends at Dean Trust Ardwick for having...More
  • Easter Holiday Fun!

    25th April 2019
    The Easter holidays were very busy at Stanley Grove! Over 90 Year 2 and Year 6 children attended SATs revision sessions. They gave up their own time to come into school to progress their learning. A big thank you to all our...More
  • Parent Guide. Momo

    27th February 2019
    National Online Safety have issued a useful parental guide about he #Momo challenge. This 'challenge' has reportedly been appearing in children's YouTube videos, causing panic and upset amongst young people. We hope you find...More
  • Year 4 PE Progress!

    14th February 2019
    Year 4 have been working really hard in their PE this half term. Today they were supporting each other to take their weight in their hands with handstands, cartwheels and round offs. Miss Chambers was very proud of all the...More