Manchester Remembers
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23rd May 2018

We had a reflective day on Tuesday this week, as we came together with the rest of the city. We read wonderful poems which were created by year 1 and 2 pupils to mark the 22nd May. They had a word bank of words to do with Manchester, friendship and love. They worked collaboratively as friends and took it in turns to pick a word at a time to create a ‘pick-a-mix’ poem. There were 24 words to randomly choose from which meant there was over a billion possible combinations.  This is like us- as human beings we all have things in common, wherever we come from, such as caring for our families and wanting love and happiness. We are all the same in that way, but because there are billions of us we are still all unique. This piece of art work celebrates our individual uniqueness and the things that unit us. The banner was created by Qubek who painted the mural memorial in the Northern Quarter for the 22 lost in the Arena attack.