I am 11 begins…….
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28th March 2018

‘I am 11’ Begins!


All of year 5 had a fantastic day this week at the Whitworth Art Gallery. They are going to be creating an exhibition in October at the gallery called ‘I am 11’, where they will explore what it is to be a child growing up in the UK in 2018. It is an incredible project and something that has never been done before!


The Year 5 spent a day completing 6 fascinating workshops with artists, writers and curators. They even got to visit the vaults which houses there priceless collection of art!


Ms. Martin said ‘I am 11 is going to be an incredible project. The exhibition the children create will be seen be thousands of people and will create lasting memories for our children. They have already done things that I haven’t experienced- I didn’t get to go to the vaults so I’m very jealous’.


The Year 5’s behaviour and attitude was terrific – we can’t wait to see the exhibition!