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One of the things the children have really enjoyed this term is learning about the story of Handa’s Surprise which is set in Africa. The children had the opportunity to take part in a carousel of activities which helped them to think about African people, the culture and how their lives are different compared to people living in Africa.



Firstly they looked at pictures of Africa on Google Earth with Miss Hill and they learnt about some traditional African instruments which they then had a chance to play.


While Miss Lynch talked to the children about how African people typically carry important things like babies using a chitenge. Then Miss Lynch showed the children her chitenge’s which she had bought when she had visited Zambia with our school 2 years ago. Then she let the children carry things in the chitenge’s so they would be able to understand what it would be like to carry things using the material sling.


Lastly the children had opportunity to look at some colourful African necklaces with Mr D’Souza. Then using a paper plate and some paint the children were able to create their own African

patterned necklaces.

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