Taniqua West
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20th October 2020

Taniqua West DOI 2021 2022

I graduated from the University of Manchester with an honours degree in Law.


I currently work at the University of Manchester as a Student Experience Administrator supporting undergraduate students throughout their degree programme.  I also work at Manchester United as an Area Manager.


I am passionate about improving the educational opportunities and attainment of children and young people.  I have gained experience in helping others to overcome perceived barriers to their learning and development through various roles including whilst volunteering as a classroom assistant at my local primary school, through the development of the 70+ staff I manage at Manchester United and through my work with students within the University.


In addition to the roles set out above, I have been fortunate enough to have been able to gain experience in various other sectors so far in my career, including providing legal advice to the public through the University’s Legal Advice Centre and volunteering with a charity that supports young people at immediate risk of homelessness.