Mohammad Hasan
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28th June 2019

Mohammed Nurul Hasson DOI 2021 2022

My name is Mohammad Hasan. I have been living in Longsight since 2009. Currently, my two children are studying at Stanley Grove primary Academy- One in Year 3 (Mahnoor Hasan Inas) in and 2nd child is in reception (Mahrukh Khusbhu). Currently I am working as a Graduate Assistant Teacher (GTA) at the University of Sheffield, beside my PGR.

I have significant leadership skill and training in academia that could be helpful in guide the group of people at a different level of ages. Some of them are in below:

  1. Academic culture: Transition and Expectations

This is basically key to focus on academic context and expectations of teaching. Such as prospects of student and teachers as a member of the community. Identify approaches to support the student to make a smooth and successful transition.


  1. Lecturing

This is another useful skill which mainly focusing on effective practice in a large group, including the engaging audience, designing lecture, promoting active engagement in lecture and effective classroom management.

Also, I have had workshops about assessment and feedback, research supervisor, problem-solving, laboratory demonstration and seminar facilities. Confidently, that skill and experience can be endorsed on the next level, though, Stanley Grove currently is doing outstanding in Manchester.

This is why as a parent, I feel privileged to be part of a school as a parent governor that has a caring and nurturing an environment where standards are high, and children thrive. Finally, I am committed, organised and passionate about promoting STANLEY GROVE ACADEMY as the best school in this country for our local children.