What is distinctive about our curriculum?

At Stanley Grove we are very pleased to offer a rich and varied curriculum throughout each key stage, both in and out of the classroom.

To support each child’s individual learning style and needs, we actively encourage the children to look for links between subjects, to help them to practice the skills they have learned. This associative learning model enables children to learn with a purpose, as we do in everyday life. To develop our pupils’ communication and collaboration skills, lessons encourage interaction and project based learning. This social learning model supports our belief that children learn best when doing so with others. It also ensure there are daily opportunities for children to develop skills of  listening, leadership and reflection.

As a Bright Futures Primary Academy, our curriculum is designed to flow through the following steps:


Inspiring the child’s interests and developing a passion.

The children ‘Know Why’… they are doing this.


The subject knowledge that will be explored, developing an understanding.

 ‘Know That’ … specific pieces of information. 


Engaging the child in the subject, asking; ‘what do they want to know more about?’ Developing an ownership.

Know What … they will be doing.


Taken from the inquiry, this aspect looks at what aspects of the topic the children will explore. Developing specific skills.

Know How … to use real world skills. 


Exploring deeper and further aspects of subject knowledge and skills, led by children and facilitated by the teacher.


We arrange a wide variety of educational trips and residential visits. Year 3 enjoy an overnight stay in school and Year 4s and 5s travel to Cumbria to experience a residential in the beautiful Lake District countryside. All residentials are fully funded by the school. Classes take part in vocabulary enrichment trips each term, where they combine and exciting trip with studying a high quality text. In 2016-17, Year 1 children will be visiting the beach whilst reading The Night Pirates, Year 4 going to Chester while reading Romans on the Rampage and Year 2 will explore a forest as they read Where the Forest Meets the Sea. Year 6 will perform at the Contact Theatre in November as they take part in the Shakespeare in Schools Project. We have collaborative projects with The Halle Orchestra and a fantastic group of musician who come into school to teach samba, african drumming, keyboards, steel pans, ukuele and guitar! We also encourage visitors from the local community who regularly support the children’s learning in the classroom.

We have a resident artist who works full time for our school and ensures that we keep creativity and curiosity at the heart of everything that we do. Our partnership with the Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery means that the pupils of Stanley Grove experience unique opportunities to explore collections and take part in workshops.

We are also proud of our partnership with Diane Modhal Sports Foundation, Lancashire Cricket Club and The Youth Sports Trust. Together we provide our pupils with a rich choice of sporting enrichments activities. Ours teams have been successfully competing in city wide finals and are currently city champions in hockey and cricket!

Paws.b Mindfulness Curriculum

In Years 4, 5 and 6 pupils are taught mindfulness as part of our Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing curriculum. Mindfulness is all about learning to direct our attention to our experience as  it unfolds, moment by moment, with open‐minded curiosity and  acceptance. Rather than worrying about what has happened  or might happen, it trains us to respond skilfully to whatever is happening  right now,  be that good or bad. Mindfulness practice alters the structure and function of the brain in ways that appear to be linked to improved concentration, mood regulation and the ability to choose appropriate responses to situations.

Key staff have been trained to deliver the Paws.b curriculum through the Mindfulness in Schools Project (http://mindfulnessinschools.org/). A weekly mindfulness drop-in for pupils is held at lunchtime for those who want to develop and practice their skills.Staff are also given the opportunity to learn about mindfulness and attend an adult course.



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