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farm animals

Year 4 Visit to Stockley Farm

Posted Mar 24 2017 by superuser in Year 4
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              Year 4 have been learning all about animals. They went to Stockley...

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Year 4 Fun at Malharn Tarn

Posted Feb 17 2017 by superuser in Residential, Uncategorized, Year 4
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        Year 4 had a great time on their residential this week at Malharn Tarn, here are a selection of...

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Stop Go

Year 4 Stop Go Animation

Posted Jun 10 2016 by superuser in ICT, Year 4
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​Year 4 children have worked really hard during summer term 1 in ICT. They all planned a storyboard and then portrayed their idea by making a...

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e safety

E-Safety in Y4

Posted Mar 11 2016 by superuser in E Safety, ICT, Year 4
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                  Year 4- E-Safety   In year 4...

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Year 4 Outdoor Symmetrical Shapes

Posted Nov 02 2015 by superuser in Mathematics, Outdoor, Year 4
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        Outdoor Learning This week in Year 4 we have been doing some maths learning outside the...

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