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  • Year 3 Trip to Jodrell Bank

    11th March 2016
    Year 3’s school trip to Jodrell Bank This week Year 3 have been visiting Jodrell Bank to learn more about space and the famous Lovell Telescope. Everyone was very excited as we boarded the minibuses and...More
  • E-Safety in Year 3

    11th March 2016
                      Year 3 - E-Safety   In year 3 children have been understanding e-safety by collecting facts from the internet. They will be learning how to use...More
  • 3 Elm visit to Longley Lane Education Centre

    26th June 2015
      On the 21st May 3 Elm visited the Longley Lane Education Centre as part of Science and Geography topic. The rest of Year 3 will be visiting the centre at the end of June.   At the centre they met the MRF and...More
  • Year 3 River Trip

    23rd March 2015
      Our Year 3 children went to Sale Water Park to do some investigations around the speed of the River Mersey, collecting information about the different trees in the area and finding how many different species...More
  • Year 3 Squash

    3rd March 2015
                      This week all of year 3 went to sport city to watch squash. We watched professional and ranked national players play for their titles. The...More