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  • Nursery Library Visit

    10th June 2016
            Nursery have been on a visit to Longsight Library this week to hear the author Julia Jarman read. The children enjoyed listening to the stories of Ben and Bella, joining in with the...More
  • E-Safety in Nursery

    11th March 2016
              Nursery - E-Safety   In EYFS, nursery children have been exploring the ICT room and understanding the parts of the computer. They have been learning how to type by finding...More
  • The Three Little Pigs in Nursery

    4th March 2016
    Nursery  In Nursery we have been reading The Three Little Pigs. We enjoyed a creative day where we decorated pig snouts, painted our own houses using special paintbrushes made from sticks and straw. We...More