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Archive for the ‘Literacy’ Category

  • Writing Raps In Year 5

    22nd January 2016
    Natural Disasters Natural Disasters, they occur all around the world, Tornadoes, they do nothing but destroy and twirl, Everytime one occurs it is a catastrophe, Everyone goes crazy, No one sits about being...More
  • Instruction Writing in Year 5

    22nd January 2016
                      Over the last two weeks, year 5 have been doing instructions. We have analysed different instructions, followed instructions, and written our...More
  • Lost in Nairobi

    11th October 2015
    Year 5 have been writing stories from other cultures; this is a story written collaboratively  by Jamilur and Isma in 5 Elm. Lost in Nairobi ‘’Sulima!!!’’Shouted mum loudly and firmly. ’’We will be...More
  • Iman’s interpretation of the story Zahra.

    27th April 2015
    As the blinding, gleaming sun sparkled in the day-light, a young, selfless girl, named Zahra strolled by, her tribal marks were as colourful as a rainbow that has just exploded, carrying a ceramic pot filled with transparent...More
  • Deena’s interpretation of the story Zahra.

    27th April 2015
    The interfering sun shone onto the eye of a considerate girl named Zahra, as a crinkled, beige leaf fell to the dusty ground, from a lifeless tree. My eyes got caught on the vibrant tribal patterns on the girls dress and...More