Our approach

Vision and values

Bright Futures has the highest aspirations for its pupils, teachers and schools. Our organisation works hard to ensure every single child reaches their full potential, making sure no child is left behind.

Our aim is to give young people at all of our schools exciting educational and extracurricular opportunities that help them to be the best that they can be, academically and beyond the classroom.

Our vision is that Bright Futures Educational Trust will be known for best practice in educational excellence. Every pupil, parent and teacher at our schools will know that they are part of an organisation that offers quality education that guarantees real choices for every child.

Leaders in education

Bright Futures Educational Trust is establishing itself as a leader in educational excellence. Our partner schools, Board of Directors and Members of the Trust are united in their mission to give our young people the quality education that they deserve.

As an organisation, we ensure we invest in our staff so that they invest in our young people. We share outstanding teaching practices across our schools, as each school has its own unique assets, and can bring new learnings to colleagues.

For example, Bright Futures’ dedicated child and educational psychologist, Dr Jude Joughin, supports both staff and students and plays a key part in sharing best practice with other schools across the Trust, helping every child to succeed. Simon Mazumder, Specialist Leader in maths, is also spearheading ‘reflective inquiry’ – a research project which aims to boost achievement in numeracy and literacy in our primary schools.

Ultimately, everything we do is focused on the best outcomes for our young people – we mean what we say and we guarantee that every one of our pupils will be given every opportunity to learn and achieve.